The TurboCycler is an intuitive, rapid and precise thermal Cycler for PCR. With 7”capacitive touchscreen and easy-to-use software, it’s equipped for enhancing PCR efficiency. The optional Wi-Fi module enables you to monitor the working status anytime, anywhere.

Methanol Methanol HPLC Acetic Acid 1,4 Dioxane 1,4 Dioxane HPLC Acetonitrile Acetonitrile HPLC Oleic Acid Buffer PH4 Buffer PH7 Buffer PH10 Ammonia Solution N,N Dimethylformamide Formic Acid n Hexane n Hexane HPLC 2-propanol 1-Butanol Iso-Octane Iso-Octane HPLC

This extremely popular quaternary low pressure gradient system is shown here with a Cecil column heater/chiller, which should be ordered extra if required. The CE 4104 dual piston pump has flow rates from 0.001 to 10µL/min and a maximum operating pressure of 40MPa. The pump has all the facilities for gradient formation, with low pressure mixing of up to 4 […]

Euromex Microscopen was founded in 1966 More than 1.000.000 microscopes have been delivered over the past 49 years Euromex manufactures microscopes in Holland Around the world, Euromex operates in more than 80 countries through distributors, re-sellers and agents, distributing Euromex microscopes. We carry all products on stock, ready to deliver. 98% of all orders are processed within 5 working days. Euromex ensures to keep […]